Car dancing.

I generally just like to make a fool out of myself pretty much wherever i go. It stems from a major lack of care regarding the outside world around me. It also has a lot to do with that I try to lead my children by example.  (?….)

The best way of doing that?
Why, car dancing and making scenes in a restaurant of course.

Car dancing only works if you can make insanely awful dance moves, blaring rap, and traffic all happen at once. You roll up to a nearby car- and just get crazy crunk. Your kids do it too. & you make sure u never look at the car beside u- bc they can’t know it’s supposed to be funny. Then you drive off laughing your butt off.

It’s intense.

As far as making scenes at dinner- that’s self explanatory.

You just make really legit faces and act like imbeciles and enjoy each other’s company while really fat unhappy and downright angry people hoarding their food roll their eyes at you.

See below for examples..





I’m 100% convinced that these situations are going to turn my kids into epically awesome people.

Why? Bc they are happy.. And they do things like this at night…

And this….



But they only get away with the last two (kickin me all night in their sleep) bc I’m a hardcore ultra athlete and I devour things like sleepless nights for breakfast.


2 thoughts on “Car dancing.

  1. Reblogged this on All the things in between and commented:
    Found this on kaylnors blog. So simple, so true.
    I am finding the most amazing things on blogs this morning, while having my tea and chocolate croissant. To know that there are truly wonderful people out there in this world of ours is heartwarming. Some are inspiring, some are insightful, and quite a few bring a smile to your face.
    We all seek to find others to share, laugh, and cry with. We have devised a way to do so even if we are unable to find like minded people nearby. The wonderful world of the web, and all the blogs in between.

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